Semen Retention Training

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Age Restricted Channel 5 Documentary on Will’s work

“Will Blunderfield is the guy who I’m now obsessed with… This dude is incredible… I’m gunna take his class.”

Chris D’elia, Netflix comedian
Will teaching Andrew Callaghan & Channel 5 News the #BroBonding ball cupping ritual for greater oxytocin and testosterone.

“Will Blunderfield is the funniest guy on Instagram right now…. He’s got some interesting theories. When he talks, it’s time to pay attention. He has some interesting angles that I’ve never heard before.”

Jason Ellis, Radio Host, Skateboarder, Fighter, Comedian, Podcaster, New York Times bestselling author of the book “I’m Awesome”

“Will’s work is dearmoring, and it’s breaking down the barriers between gay and straight and bi, and just becoming real men. Real men that are in this shit together. And it’s also breaking down the barriers between competition and comparison. There’s too much comparison which is keeping people weak, and there’s too much competition on the back of that. 

It’s dissolving the competition, it’s dissolving the comparison. It’s dissolving [the matrix]. It’s really coming into more manhood.” – Silver Storic 


I am The Wild Naked Man, healing sexuality through music & love. I believe that yoga and mantra music are for everybody and everyone is welcome! I also believe that most modern humans are like caged beasts whose souls are calling to become more wild & free.

I have been teaching and studying yogic technologies for 20 years. Downward dogs are great, but it wasn’t until I discovered Kundalini Yoga & Sexual Kung Fu (Taoist Esoteric Yoga) as taught by Mantak Chia and Loren Johnson that I really felt like I’d come home. I had been doing my own version of these practices since childhood and they totally resonate with my being — and have helped me process much trauma since I started owning the practices, shame-free.

I’m offering classes and courses at beginner and advanced levels, as well as special limited edition sessions of Kundalini Yoga, Sexual Kung Fu/Semen Retention Training, meditation, and mindfulness. I specialize in helping men rewild themselves and harness and direct their life force energy in empowering ways.

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“The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures; men who have learned the art of sex transmutation.”

Napoleon Hill

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